What has God accomplished through us?

15134The Revolution has attempted to shatter negative stereotypes teens have of “church” and recapture the revolutionary character of the early Christian movement led by a strange, peculiar prophet named Jesus who challenged the status quo, questioned the powers that be, and gathered a rag-tag band of ordinary folks around him and began living life according to a whole new set of values and priorities.  This new, revolutionary kind of life Jesus invited others into he called “The Kingdom of God.”

6540For two years (2006-07) we saw teens who had become bored with church, skeptical toward Christians, or bitter toward organized religion began opening their hearts to hear afresh the revolutionary message of Jesus.  Furthermore, we saw teens from various churches uniting together around a common commitment: following the Way of Jesus.

We saw many Christian teens finding a place where their God-given talents and passions can be showcased for God’s glory.  We saw other teens far away from God flooding the church basement to hear his invitation.  We saw ordinary youth group kids from various churches becoming extraordinary witnesses for Christ in their school – i.e., starting a Thursday Bible study at school, organizing events to raise money for great causes such as Invisible Children and WeCAN, serving the poor in our neighborhoods, and more.

The future: What’s next?

jesus-the-way-iconKeri and I have been released from our ministry in Burnsville, and have been called back to Mound to start a new church — MainStreet Covenant Community.  Plans are in the making to rekindle the Revolution and mobilize the loyal remnant of teens who have continued meeting weekly in homes for a Bible Study the last three years.  Keep your eyes open as the MainStreet Revolution unfolds over the coming months.

Finally, as I’ve always stressed in the past: Be sure that you don’t find yourself on the sidelines as a spectator of God’s work in the world.  Get on your feet and join the Revolution!  Life’s short, follow Jesus!